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Las Vegas Travel Directors

A Vegas Expression has multiple local TD's to help manage events of all sizes. 
Each Travel Director in Las Vegas has a bio with their strengths and photos for you to preview. 
Known as travel director, trip director, and on-site meeting manager these staff are the most qualified to lead an area or team on the show floor.

Las Vegas Event Managers

Event Experts

Each Travel Director in Las Vegas has one strong specialty.  Registration desk, Ask me, Badge Scanners, Trade Show Expo Hall, Information Desk, Food & Beverage, Audio Visual, and Transportation are some of the areas of expertise our TD's hold.

Travel Director Las Vegas
Travel Directors Las Vegas
Travel Director in Las Vegas
Las Vegas TD's Event Managers

Why Local?

Hiring local Las Vegas Travel Directors saves the client money on airfare, hotel, and per diem.  The vast knowledge of all venues on the Las Vegas Strip means less time getting familiar with the area.  Our TD's can step on-site already know the layout which provides for exceptional customer service.